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Legal Advise

18580281A proper legal advice is the previous step before deciding to make an international purchase.

Our lawyer, Mr. Pompeyo Fábregas - Eceiza, specialized in Customs law, transport law and International private law, will answer your questions regarding:

  • What items are under quota or homologation requirements.
  • What documents to request to your suppliers when you are opening letters of credit (L/C) and what are the meaning of the clauses stipulated on them.
  • What legal actions are available to importers in order to answer unsuitable decisions made by the Customs or Trade Department.
  • What legal actions may be taken against carriers when cargo is damaged or gets lost.
  • What is the most suitable policy of insurance to protect your interest.
  • What can be done when supplier fails to match the requirements of the sales contract (i.e. quality, quantity, etc.)