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Cookie Policy


We use cookies to ensure the correct operation of our web portal, improving the safety and effectiveness for a higher and a customization of the services we offer to users. If you continue browsing or you press your "OK" button we will consider that you accept all its use. If not accepting such use, press the button "NOT OK".

You can obtain more information on our COOKIE POLICY.



Use of cookies

The web uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that Web browsers stored information during your visit to the Web page. In the cookies, you can collect data such as IP address, the address you are visiting, the operating system, the language of navigation, as well as other generic information that can be harvested.

This information is not associated with any particular person, because only statistical information to analyze the visibility of the different contents of the Web site

Here we offer you information on what cookies are used on this web site, as well as the way to control its management and how to eliminate them completely.


The cookies used on this web site

This web site uses "cookies" as follows:

• Cookie Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google Inc., Which contains information on the web pages consulted, at what time that Web browser, etc. Subsequently, this information is sent to the servers of Google Inc., in the United States.

• Implementation Cookies "Add-this": is a free service that lets you share pages of this web site to different means of communication (email, social networking, etc.). Add-this compiles statistical information on the navigation to offer advertising adapted to your browsing habits on this web site or in any other place.

How can you manage cookies in your browser?

The user can manage the cookies that have been installed on your computer by configuring the options of your browser. Below we show you how you can change the cookie settings in the major browsers for the version for PC. When you use other browsers or platforms, refer to the specific documentation provided by the developer of the browser. The information shown here is a configuration for the existing version at the time of preparation of this documentation. It is possible that the instructions are different in future versions of browsers. In this case, please refer to the corresponding section of the developer.


The options can be configured to adjust the permissions associated with the cookies in the browser Google Chrome:

• Click on the menu on the toolbar.

 • Select settings.

 • Click view advanced options.

 • In the privacy section, click the Settings button in the content.

• In the section "cookies" you can configure the settings.


To adjust the permissions associated with biscuits from the Mozilla Firefox browser:

• At the top of the Firefox window, click the Tools menu.

• Select Options.

• Select the privacy panel.

• In the option of Firefox that you can choose to use a custom setting for the story to configure options.


To adjust the permissions related to cookies in the Internet Explorer browser:

• At the top of the window of Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu.

• Go to the security tab and use the option to delete browsing history to delete your cookies.

If you block the use of cookies in your browser it is possible that certain services or features of the WEB, may not be available