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Finantial trade

If your company can not get more credit facilities from the banks, please let us know. Don´t just refuse to keep on booming. We will prepare a financial report to our principals, ALEXANDER FRASER & SON LTD., who will study your case carefully.

Door delivery

Door delivery is not just to move cargo on a truck from customs terminal to consignee´s warehouse. It´s essential to have reliable and professional truckers who refuse to load cargo if it looks damaged, with lack of content, etc.


Tax representation

14202604Tax representation is an unknown formality that enable non resident companies to act as a resident companies in Spain.

Our experts in tax law will study your case and will advise what´s the most suitable choice for your needs.

Cargo insurance

Many importers and exporters do not know that liability of carriers and freight forwarders is limited by law. Following this, goods´ value is not fully covered if cargo gets damaged or lost while it´s transported, loaded, unloaded or stored.

Our company, specially concerned to protect our customers´ interest, has negociated with the companies of insurance competitive premiums and, above all, an interesting policy that covers most of the risks. Please contact us for further details.